Hunter's Helping The Hungry Program

Hunter's Helping The Hungry Program Needs Your Support!!!

In 1997 the New Jersey State Senate and General Assembly passed a series of laws that the governor approved. These laws establishing a venison donation program process and along with the Food Bank Good Samaritan act helped pave the way for the HHH.

The United Bow Hunters of New Jersey (UBNJ) provided much needed support for the above measures.

A few hunters a year later organized HHH — Hunters Helping the Hungry, Inc. HHH is a non-profit 501-C3 organization with the help of the NJ State Federation of Sportsmen Clubs, and support from the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.

HHH raises funds, and coordinates efforts by butchers, hunters, and food banks throughout New Jersey. Currently a few volunteers help move this program along. We are always looking for ideas, partnerships and volunteers to help in many ways.

Funds from HHH only pay for venison donated by hunters! HHH does not pay for any municipal depredation hunts or farmer depredation hunts.

Many farmers and corporations do support HHH through generous donations or allowing hunters to hunt their property or requiring hunters who hunt their property to donate deer through this program.

Several municipalities, corporations, golf courses, farmers and other organizations may organize hunts that do similar work. Venison to hungry people! HHH funds are not used to help pay for butcher costs for these types of hunts/organizations.

The Venison Donation Program established by the New Jersey State Senate and General Assembly allows for all of these programs to exist and do good deeds. All butchers that help process venison by any of these groups need to be inspected by the State Health Department.

HHH may help from time to time facilitate a worthwhile organization to make contact with known butchers who have been inspected by the New Jersey State Health Department or visa versa.

HHH funds are only used for venison donated by hunters who hunt during the normal white tail deer hunting seasons (Bow, muzzle loader, shotgun seasons). The goal is to get more healthy alternatives to the hungry people of New Jersey, which unfortunately there are too many of.

Venison is low fat and low cholesterol and, of course, high in protein which makes venison a very valuable food product and healthy alternative for distribution in the food bank system.

Hunters participate in the program by donating deer through an approved butcher to the NORWESCAP (Phillipsburg, NJ) or Ocean-Monmouth Food Banks or Food Bank of South Jersey.

Processing fees are paid to the butcher by HHH from a fund consisting of donations and grants. Approved butchers are inspected by the State of New Jersey Health Department.

HHH is a non-profit 501-c3 organization. A small group of volunteers sit on the board of HHH and receive no compensation for their efforts.

All administrative duties are supplied by the volunteer board members.

Butcher processing fees are also discounted from normal retail fees by the approved butchers.

Everyone who is a part of HHH helps through their donations, volunteerism and generosity.

Donations to Hunters Helping the Hungry, Inc. can be mailed to:


P.O. Box 587, Lebanon,

New Jersey 08833

or through PayPal.


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Hunters Helping the Hungry
(HHH) Fee Waived for
Venison Donation Program
JAN - FEB 2016
 The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife has been informed that, beginning January 2016 and continuing through February 2016, the Hunters Helping the Hungry (HHH) program will be waiving the $10 to $25 fee hunters are asked to pay when donating deer to defray costs.
The HHH Board of Trustees is asking hunters to accept this effort as an invitation to get back in the woods and enjoy the extended seasons which New Jersey has to offer.

For more information on Hunters Helping the Hungry in New Jersey, visit on the Division's website.


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