Barbertown Sportsmen's Club is proud to present information about this group on our website on it's own dedicated page.  In the very near future we plan on supporting and accommodating members of this group on hunting and fishing adventures here in New Jersey.
If any of the companies and organizations that support and/or are supported by Barbertown Sportsmen's Club would like to participate in this outstanding program please see the contact information below.

My name is Ryan Miller and I am the President and Founder of Hunters Helping Heroes (TIN/EIN #46-1201793). The inspiration for Hunters Helping Heroes
came to me in 2010 after I returned from a three year tour overseas.

Originally from Northern California, where my father introduced me to hunting and fishing, I settled in New Jersey. I wanted to return to the outdoor lifestyle that I loved and missed so much, but I didn't know anywhere I could hunt in New Jersey.

I posted an inquiry on a local hunting forum asking if anyone would be willing to help a veteran plan a hunting trip and the owner of a local company stepped in to help me. After experiencing such generosity, I was inspired to help veterans and other heroes obtain access to the same opportunities.

In addition to running Hunters Helping Heroes on my own during its first two years of operation, I am an Aircraft Metals Technology Craftsman (machinist and welder) with the 514th Air Mobility Wing, McGuire Air Force Base New Jersey. I supervise and perform machining, welding and inspection of aircraft and support equipment components. I have been through public speaking courses during the military as well college days, but I also interact with people through Hunters Helping Heroes and my work atmosphere.

During my previous military assignment I planned, prioritized and coordinated aircraft fabrication and restoration work efforts while orchestrating supply and logistics operations to support aircraft maintenance activities during the inspection and repair of 50 F-16 aircraft valued at $1.34 Billion.

I have also taken specific courses that help when interacting with individuals on multiple-levels: Interpersonal communication, Supervision and management, Oral and Written communication, Mentoring, Team development and cohesion, Leadership, Problem solving, Stress management, Conflict resolution and Counseling. I received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Cum Laude Honors 3.89/4.0 GPA) from University of Maryland and was/am an Alpha Sigma Lambda & Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society Member.

The Mission Statement of Hunters Helping Heroes, Inc. is simple:

Our mission is to organize outdoor excursions and recreational activities for our veterans, service members, firefighters and police officers in thanks for protecting our freedom at home and abroad each and every day.

We will be partnering landowners, outfitters and fellow hunters across America with qualifying heroes to provide access to our country's natural resources.

We understand the commitment and work these heroes do and know that it leaves very little time for locating and securing outdoor opportunities.

Hunters Helping Heroes and giving back to the community by:

Our Nation's heroes love to experience the wild outdoors and take advantage of the opportunities given to them. They enjoy the tranquility and therapeutic atmosphere that nature provides.

Unfortunately, our heroes are deprived each day of the most critical tool for their outdoors success:
Individual Support.

Our Nation's heroes are having an extremely tough time
finding hunting and fishing opportunities and furthermore; the people, gear and land access that they so vitally need to help them succeed.

Hunters Helping Heroes, Inc. has set its sights on helping these heroes that have given up so much for our Country. Getting our heroes on outdoor retreats like these are the key elements to the success of this program and this is too important a resource to go unnoticed. Our goal is to provide the best outdoors experiences possible to our Nation's heroes.

We are motivated and committed to making this a successful venture. These events will have significant impact on the ability to take our ideas and create something tangible for our heroes. These retreats allow our Nation's heroes to forget about all their struggles, relax in solitude and re-normalize.

In the first year of operation we got out roughly 10 people, the second year turned into 35, third year jumped to just over 50 and at the conclusion on the 2013/14 season we will have taken out 110 heroes for a total reach of just over 200 served thus far!

We have done both hunting and fishing retreats right here in New Jersey and in more than 10 states across the Nation, we have taken out mainly military members (highly decorated combat-wounded members, active duty and veterans) along with a handful of police officers and just a few fire fighters.

We do not require that you belong to any particular organization or financially support our cause in any way. All we ask is that you allow your success story and picture to be featured on this site and spread the word about our program. This way, our organization can continue to grow and help more of our local heroes. 

We are always looking for new properties to gain access to and volunteers to take individuals out.

Through volunteering, you will find happiness and a sense of pride knowing that you helped someone who protects our freedom each and every day.

Good luck and God Bless,



Contact Info:

Hunters Helping Heroes Website


 Hunters Helping Heroes, Inc.
Central, New Jersey
(530) 515-1682




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