BSA Troop 33 Fishing Event - 2012

August 24, 25, & 26, 2012 4th ANNUAL BOY SCOUT CAMPOUT & FISHING MERIT BADGE EVENT Friday Night - Set up camp. Saturday - Fishing at a new "secret" fishing hole that Mr. Tumpey found prior to the trip. All caught fish; the Scouts trying to earn their merit badge cooked their fish on the grill; prizes were awarded (including a "special" $20.00 award for Outstanding Scouting Spirit & Best Sportsmanlike Conduct) & seven Scouts earned their Fishing Merit Badges. Sunday - Break Camp, , & Scouts Leave For Their Tubing Trip on the Delaware River. All of the recipes were unique, the fish were cooked to perfection, & the four "judges" went back for 3rd & 4th "tastings" even though we had the winner in mind, the fish were just too good to pass up for additional helpings!!! HaHaHaHaHa ; ) A big thank you goes out to the members of Barbertown Sportsmen's Club who provided the club grounds for camping, all of the bait & some specialty lures, tackle, and other baits, firewood, prizes (Most Fish, Biggest Fish, Most Innovative Technique, Best Comeback, Best Tasting Grilled Fish recipe in the "Great Fish Cook-off"), and ice cream for the boys. A special thank you to BSC Hunting Member Steve Green for making the fishing experience on Saturday an enjoyable adventure for all of the boys, Scout Leaders, and parents alike...To truly enjoy all Photo Gallery Albums, click on the photo album that you wish to view, click on "View as Slideshow", then in the bottom right corner of the slideshow "click" on the "box shape" for full screen view with the slideshow accompanied by music...
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